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Business Education or Why u want to study Business

Posted by Raaz Chowdhury on March 16, 2013 at 2:30 PM Comments comments (0)

I believe any business administration study is very contributional to anyone's life. Business is a good study to learn different aspects of business in different countries. There are law, tax, currency and culture differences in all countries and such study will help ensure greater advantage in any business career.

Business studies give people a complete education about running and maintaining a business. As a business student, this is very much important to us to know business study and apply this in our practical life.

Business studies instruct us how to do a business, what is right and what is wrong. Business studies are needed because they teach us about team work. Now a day’s business is run in a team format. Departments are segmented into specific team that must work together in order to accomplish business goals. That’s why we need to study business.

Now days many people choose to major in a study business because these classes give them a verity of option to explore on the job market. By studying business we can go to any higher level. We have to study a business so that we all know the weaknesses and strength of it, and to know what is the advantage and disadvantage of it.

Business today is conducted on a global platform. So going abroad to study business could put us one step ahead of the competition. And who knows where it could take us? Perhaps we’ll join a global blue chip company, may be we’ll work in the entrepreneurial sector or go into consultancy, we could even start our own business.

With these endless possibilities, a business degree at postgraduate level will give us an . Excellent grounding on which to base our business career. What’s more, gaining that qualification abroad will have exposed us to the intricacies of global business and encounters with people from all over the world. Indeed this contact with international colleagues and students is a key benefit to studying business abroad. Experiencing how people from different cultural backgrounds approach and solve problems is an important part of our learning. It is also this melting pot of cultures that makes studying abroad so stimulating and rewarding. Where else would we get first hand knowledge of working in an international team, before embarking on our career? The understanding we gain from such diversity will be invaluable in our working life and may help us clinch that vital first role.

When it comes to job searching, business master’s degrees or MBAs are some of the most respected qualifications that employers seek. The hands-on application of knowledge and the numerous transferable skills that the average business student possesses is highly attractive to employers. They can see that skills such as creative problem solving, managing yourself and others, strategic thinking and communication and presentation skills gives them a candidate who can ‘hit the ground running’. For their business, the potential cost-savings on basic training and building up their new employee’s competencies is a crucial consideration when choosing between candidates.

Studying business, like all human endeavors, demands effort determination and commitment. The rewards reflect in personal and career growth, among o there’s. Luthans and Hodgetts identified a number of rationales for studying business. They are

Career Choice: Studying business offers one the opportunities to think about careers in the areas of business. As one progresses, some areas become of particular interest, and demand investigation. Career fields in business include production, sales, accounting, and marketing, among others. It pays off to have a career direction; prolonged delay might be too costly.

# Self – Employment: Some individuals may not be comfortable working for someone. Such persons may show considerable entrepreneurial spirit that demands independence; as a result, they embrace self-employment. To be successfully self-employed, one needs knowledge of different areas of business which include personnel, operations, marketing, accounting, finance, and management. Studying business provides this needed knowledge base.

# Service to Others: Business does not operate in a vacuum. It is a part of a larger society, and depends on the external environment for resources. This way, the survival of the firm or enterprise, to a considerable extent, is contingent on the nature of the existing relationship with its environment. By studying business one will gain insight into how to maintain a stable relationship with the stakeholders in the society. One learns how to fulfill business' obligations. And one may be able to improve society by providing services such as health care, donations to charities, sponsorship of community events, and participation in community development, among others.

Relevance to Everyday Living: By studying business one acquires a better understanding of business realities. This understanding facilitates better-informed decisions as a consumer.

Personal Profit and Growth: Another benefit of studying business is the chance of financial gain and psychological growth. The global world, understandably, is competitive and challenging.

It is no place for the risks averse individual. However, the personal profit and growth, psychological and economic, can be exciting. For example, financially, business people are able to make a good living. They possess the wherewithal or resources to acquire life's necessities or luxuries.

We have to study a business so that we all know the weaknesses and strength of it, and to know what is the advantage and disadvantage of it.